Happy Day

I slept like crap. I kept waking up and then, this morning, I felt like I’d been run over by a freighter. I looked in the mirror and though, seriously? I look like I just escaped from a maximum-security women’s prison. Yikes!

However…the day has gotten off to a better start. My husband took the morning off so he could be here for the “meet and greet” with a guy who’s supposed to be doing some home repairs after the little disaster before Christmas. If you’ve read my previous posts, you might remember me mentioning the buffoon who’d come to our house a few weeks ago and trampled all over our house with his street shoes on – including my bathtub. Now, I’m not a germaphobe in a clinical sense, but that’s just nasty. To boot, Mr. Disgusting almost gave us a heart attack with how much the project was going to cost – without even giving us an estimate. I kept pressing the issue and he kept side-stepping it. Now…I’m not an idiot, and I’m sure as hell not going to hire someone for a major home repair without a written estimate. The whole situation left me feeling frustrated and annoyed – mostly because we’re trying to save money and any unanticipated expenses are just one more thing that’s keeping us from meeting our goal. 

So I was pleasantly surprised by the scruffy guy who turned up on our doorstep just now. While Mr. Disgusting looked like he could’ve just come from a yacht club (where, apparently, no one informed him of professional etiquette), Scruffy seems to be the sort of no-nonsense, unpretentious type of person who’s focused on doing the job, and doing it right. To boot, he’s retired military – which I have a HUGE amount of respect for. Scruffy, for all his “less refined” dress sense, actually took off his shoes before heading to the area to be investigated – and then it appears that the project is going to cost even less than what the office manager had quoted my husband. Can you say BEST NEWS EVER?? (You know, taking into account the context – obviously there are other things that would be better news but hey, you take what you can get, right? 🙂

Right now, Scruffy is hard at work and I fled the scene because of the smell of whatever he’s using – I figure I don’t need another strike against my (in)fertility and possible make things even worse than they already are. I offered him some water, which he politely declined – so I’m patiently waiting for the work to be completed. I like people who are professional and polite. I don’t like people who are overly effusive in that hypocritical, fake, and “sales pitch” style – it usually doesn’t work on me anymore since I’ve gotten burned one too many times in my younger (and more naive) days. The good news is that, according to Scruffy, the problem isn’t nearly as extensive as we were made to believe by Mr. Disgusting – so I’m really glad we didn’t agree to shell out thousands of (unnecessary) Dollars that would put a serious dent in our IVF fund. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Disgusting never did email my husband the written estimates I insisted upon – just another reason I think the guy was totally shady. 

Anyway – I think today is one of those days that reminds me, in a rather rudimentary way, to be happy about and grateful for the little things. Even if it’s just mundane and boring, in a way, I’m just so glad right now that – as far as we can tell at the moment – the problem will get fixed for a fraction of the cost we thought we were looking at. Hopefully this will be the end of it for now. 

Meanwhile, I can’t seem to stop yawning because of the really bad night I had – replete with weird dreams, heart palpitations etc. So I’m extra grateful, today especially, that I have the “luxury” of putting my lounge pants on after Scruffy leaves and just sort of wiling away the day until my husband comes home tonight and we can have a nice meal together. The weekend will probably be busy as there’s much to do: top of the list being the clean-up of the garage and sorting out of things we can donate or sell in our efforts to scrounge together enough money for making a baby the new-fashioned way. Here’s hoping that 2014 will be our year – and yours! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. Hey girl! I read your post last night and my heart ached for you but I wasn’t sure what to write. I left the window opened all day, occasionally glancing back to it. I don’t know that I have words to heal your wounds but know that I’m here for you if you need to talk and I haven’t lost hope that you will have children. NEVER GIVE UP! While you wait on this miracle that I believe is coming, keep enjoying life! I want you to make lots of memories that you can share with your future kiddos some day. Also, keep believing each day that when you wake up, something wonderful is going to happen. hugs!!


    • I know exactly what you mean – I’ve had that happen as well. I have the hardest time when someone I follow went to an appointment and there was no heartbeat. When I read something like that, it makes my own heart break because I think – why is it that there are all these horrible people who use intravenous drugs, abuse alcohol, smoke like chimneys and who knows what else, can have a slew of babies…and here we are, responsible women with a very modest dream that doesn’t seem to want to come to fruition. Thank you for your kindness and support! 🙂 Hugs!

  2. Your nicknames made me giggle! 🙂 Hopefully you’ve been sleeping better and can get caught up on the sleep you lost! No fun to feel tired 😦 ❤

  3. Yeah! I love when life gives you a break. We’ve had a few of those and I have become so much more appreciative of the simple stuff. Anyway, good luck selling your stuff. We did the same thing in the fall: leather couch, a butt load of CDs, clothes, jewelry, a box of shoes on ebay, dining room table (we got a new one), etc. Feels good to get rid of stuff.

    • I agree – especially about getting rid of stuff. It’s something that I’m getting more into this year because I’m getting so fed up with the p*** poor customer service and quality of products, so it’s easier not to hold onto things I know aren’t worth my time or the space in our lives.

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